My Shop

If you like my writing you might like my art work. In any case, I'll let you in on it. I specialize in decoupage. I've sold a lot of my work in the Western US to retail shop owners. They seem to like my western motifs such as skiiers and mountain animals. I also do a lot of bath accessories. And last but not least, I do plenty of custom work. I can do invitations under glass such as I do for brides. (How they find me, I never know.) I also do work for designers for those special spots they need something unique for.

 I have the ability to adapt your ideas using your fabric or photos or special mementos to glass or wood. And the good news is that my work is functional, but hand wash only. You could even serve FOOD on it! But it also looks great on a wall or in a dining room hutch or on your dresser... Do you want me to keep going?

Shown are a few examples but if you want to see more feel free to go to: I sell wholesale and retail. Feel free to contact me at or 303-797-0934.

12" Audubon Crackled Rabbits  $180.00

12" Custom Wedding Platter  $180.00

13" Gold Leaf Charger with Crackle $180.00

8" Crackled Magnolia with Gold Leaf  $85.00

Italian Wastebin Set  $260.00

6x10 Silver Leaf Business Logo  $85.00