Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not My Mama's Chili Mac or Chili Three, Four or 5 Ways

My husband grew up in Texas. He loves chili. (I don’t know if this is a Teyxas thing or not but I suspect it could be.) He loves chili however many ways he can get it. He loves chili for breakfast, lunch or dinner. He loves it with eggs. He loves it with burgers. He loves it in a bowl sprinkled with cheese and onions and jalapenos. He loves Texas chili; the kind with hunks of meat and deep, dark chipotle, ancho seasoning. He loves it made with hamburger meat, too. And chorizo. He loves it with beer in the recipe and beer on the side. He loves it with football games or on a snowy day. He loves it with pintos, but he’ll eat it with black beans. He loves it green. He loves it red. He loves it over cornbread and especially over fritos. He adores it over hotdogs. I’ve never seen him eat it over tuna fish but I suspect he might... Well, maybe not. Yes, my husband loves chili.

I, on the other hand, grew up in Illinois. We didn’t eat chili like THAT. We ate chili with red kidney beans and I do not like red kidney beans. No. I do not. I do not remember cheese or onions served on the side. But I do remember my mother ordering chili mac three ways whenever we went to Kankakee’s version of Steak and Shake - Wally’s. It was named Wally’s. I liked their thin, crispy burgers and my brother loved the pork tenderloin. We all liked their shakes and fries. My father probably had the jello that was always on the counter cut into neat little red or green cubes with a squirt of probably fake whipped cream.


Whatever. I remember this chili mac. I never ate it. Never had a bite that I can remember. But I did eat the saltines. It always came with a lot of saltines. And my mother gave us each a package. But back to chili. I get tired of chili. I wanted a new way to make chili. One that wouldn’t burn my mouth with heat. Well, Midwest chili is not known for its heat at least that I know of. And that is when I remembered my mom’s chili mac. She always ordered it so I figured it must be good.

In any case what is featured below is probably not my mama’s chili mac. But I will tell you that it is really, really good. And I like this better than Texas chili but let’s not start a fight or anything.


Not My Mama’s Chili Mac or Chili Three, Four, or 5 Ways
(Serves 4)
1 lb ground turkey (you can use beef)
½ c diced onion plus ½ c more for topping
2 minced cloves of garlic
1T ancho chili powder or just use your favorite chile powder
1T rojo chili powder
1 t oregano
¼ t allspice
½ t smoked paprika
1 t cocoa
1 14 oz can diced tomatoes
½ envelope Lipton’s onion soup mix
½ c ketchup
1 T yellow mustard
1 t Frank’s hot sauce
1 c water or beef bouillion
1 can pintos, drained and rinsed
1 ½ c grated cheddar cheese
Canned Parmesan cheese at your discretion
½ lb cooked spaghetti or elbows
Brown turkey over medium heat and crumble it as it cooks. Add onion and garlic and cook for about 2 minutes. Push to side and add chili powders, oregano, allspice, and paprika. Cook for  minute or so until spices are toasted. You will smell them.

Add can of tomatoes, cocoa, onion soup mix, ketchup, mustard and Frank’s hot sauce. Let simmer a few minutes until liquid has disappeared by about half. Stir in can of beans. Now stir in water and let simmer about 10 minutes. It should still look like a thick gravy but not be so thick as to not have liquid. If you let it sit a bit to long and it gets too thick just add a little more water. It can take it!

BBQ Sauce
1/4 c ketchup (I’m a Heinz girl)
2 T Worcestershire
2 T brown sugar

Mix together. You will taste the sweet and the tart.

Place a serving of pasta on a plate. Top with several spoonfuls of chili. Spread the top of that with about 1T of BBQ sauce. Top with some spoonfuls of diced onion and then the grated cheddar. Feel free to use the parmesan out of a can. And just for good measure we topped it off with a few pepperocini slices, but you could use jalapenos. And if you like saltines-go for it! I don’t know what my mama ate but this is what I will eat from now on! This is How I Cook! (most definitely!) 

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Chili Mac Three Ways is a Midwestern,delicious and easy recipe to prepare chili recipe. Start with a bed of pasta, add some super simple tangy BBQ sauce and then some delicious chili. Throw on your favorite toppings and they will be begging for more. Seriously this is a family favorite! www.thisishowicook.com #chili

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  1. There was a restaurant chain here that offered Cincinnati chili, 5 ways and I loved going there. Yours would be a big hit here. It's more pasta dressed with chili and that's a big plus!

  2. Thanks John. Like I said, I've never had it in a restaurant so I have no clue of what it should taste like! But I like what I came up with!

  3. I love chili, and I'll eat it any way you want to dish it up - with or without beans, and if you're serving beans, I'll take whatever you have (including red kidneys, which of course you wouldn't be serving!). But for some reason I've never had Chili Mac. Weird that I haven't tried that because I try almost everything at least once. Anyway, fun post and good looking recipe. Thanks.

  4. It is weird but now is your time. Can't promise though that it's what the diner serves!

  5. How can you get tired of chili?
    I think this will be your most popular blog yet! :)

  6. I remember I ate LOTS of chilli before...so much that my stomach hurt...cut down a lot, but still crave for spicy food from time to time. This looks perfectly delicious and satisfying for me.

  7. Looks delicious!! Can't wait to try the chilli mac!!

  8. Thanks Angie. You will like this because it isn't too spicy. In fact, it really hits the spot!

  9. Try it Manu. You can start a trend in London town!

  10. Oh...your chili looks really really good. I don't care what mama makes but I want YOUR chili! :P

  11. Dear Abbe,
    You are my favorite blogger and cook.
    Love from Cousin Mickey in Miami

  12. Amy, you are so sweet! Mickey I am so happy you are following me! I wish I could see you! And I am probably the only blog you read but I will take it as a compliment! (Cindy told me it took you a long time to come aboard but I am so happy you did!)If you come visit I will make this for you!

  13. You just paired two of my fave comfort meals into ONE magical meal, this looks AMAZING.

  14. Natalie, I have to confess that since I came up with this I've made it twice. It really is addicting...Try it with spaghetti. I liked that best!

  15. Can you say comfort food? This sounds fantastic! Sign me up!

  16. A magical dish of comfort ! I still go to the Steak and Shake when we are back in Illinois to eat this. And I order it with no beans ! Thanks for your version, abbe. I'm going to make it with my gluten-free spaghetti. Love, Mom

  17. Abbe I grew up a few blocks from Wallys. they had great food and I remember the chili and jello. Thank you for the recipe and a lot of great memories. oh and the building is still there it is a Mexican food restaurant now.
    Jim from Bradley, il.

    1. Oh Jim. So nice to hear from you! A Mexican restaurant? Jeez, when I loved in Kankakee there were NO Mexican restaurants! We went to Wally's at least once a week. Bummer! Thanks so much for writing!