Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Simple Sunday

Fun things to do for a Simple Sunday...

1. I need some balloons. I could be Making these right now.

2. I can never get enough love stories.

3. My cousin has been holding out on me.If you like intriguing photography and great captions, Check out her new site.

4. The next time I make cupcakes with Zoe,we are making these.

5. Don't forget. Pass this around. Zoe is running for a cure for lymphoma. Please help her run.

6. The perfect day:

7. If I were baking bread today this is what I'd make.  But I'd leave out the caraway.  

8. For some reason this is really fascinating to me. 

9. You can't stop the waves but you CAN learn to surf. This sums up my life lately. 

10. I need to go work in the yard. I think I'd be more inclined if it looked like this.

Tulip Fields in Holland
 11. I made these caramels for Zoe to put on her desk at work. If all goes well she will raise money for a cure. If it doesn't go well, she will have a lot of caramels to eat. It could be worse. They are incredible!

12. If I celebrated Easter, I would want these.

Now, I'm off to start macaroons.

And don't forgetTollhouse Cupcakes for a Cure

And a few others you may want to try:

Onion Baked Rice with Boneless Rib Roast
Pad Thai
Marshmallows and Matzoh S'mores
My Mother's Brisket (but not really)
Ilse's Passover Mocha Nut Cake
Susie's Sweet and Hot Mustard
Fool's Toffee
Chicken Marbella

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  1. Love that picture of the tulips! Great set of links, and thanks for including one of mine! Really fun post - thanks.

  2. I want to spend a Sunday with you!

  3. Now I look forward to your macaroons!

  4. Very funny! You can have one macaroon for this comment!

  5. Wasn't that a gorgeous pic, Mr. KR? And did you see my cousin's site? And you are welcome!

    Angie, the macaroon link is right below. They are great!

  6. Your cousin´s pics are wonderful! And that dog, I know the feeling. Looking forward to those macarons...

  7. Love your cousin's site - great photos. And I love the poor, worn out puppy. I wish mine had that much exercise so maybe they would sleep great too. Have a lovely week!

  8. Thanks Paula. I will pass it on. And wasn't that a cute photo of the dog? And the macaroons are down below. It is a good simple recipe. Yesterday I did plain and double double chocolate.

  9. My cousin will be so happy. She is new to this blogging thing! Yeah, that dog is too much! Thanks Tricia for stopping by!

  10. This is a super fun post! Those tulips are one of the coolest, most beautiful things I've ever seen. Not that mine are anything like that, but if the snow would melt and the temperature rise above 40, at least I'd have something.

  11. Thanks Laura. Those tulips are beautiful. I'm afraid the ones left in our yard had their tops eaten off by bunnies. They are my nemesis! and be thankful that the snow will melt. I promise.

  12. Oh my gosh the photo of the dog had me in stitches.