Friday, March 1, 2013

10 Things To Do with Zoe

March is coming in like a lamb. Yesterday I picked my daughter up at the airport. We bought her a ticket way back in December for $168 to fly roundtrip from Philadelphia to Denver for a long weekend. She hasn’t been here since Thanksgiving and I’ve been having daughter withdrawals. It is so good to have her home. I love just the smell of her here. (I guess I better buy some of her perfume and spray it like air freshener around the house!)

In any case, we are very busy trying to make the most of almost 5 days.

  1. We ate breakfast here yesterday where I saw my thin, beautiful daughter eat a dish of fruit and 10 donut holes.
  2. We went to the cake decorating store and bought special purple sprinkles  for a special project that you will soon here about.
  3. We made steak in a pan for dinner. This is great stuff even though I don’t eat steak. You can find it here.
  4. We bought burlap to make THIS. But she wants her polka dots to be orange.                                                       
  5. We are going here to spend a night to visit her twin brother.  I can’t wait to see him, too! He is now the concierge and we are excited for all the special treatment we plan on receiving. She will also ski with her daddy.
  6. Last night we watched videos on You Tube. We thought this was funny. I know... we are a little lame.
  7. Tonight she wants to make this for dinner. Next week I better do a lot of exercise.
  8. We hope to go  for a special  massage and come back for massage quenching tequila St. Germaine drinks that my husband promised to make.
  9. We then plan on snuggling in bed to watch a movie and rub each other’s feet. Can’t ever get too much massage.
  10. And we ate these for breakfast this morning. We filled ours with peanut butter and chocolate. And biscoff spread and apricot jam. They reminder her of those very special freezer pastries that she ate as a child.

It is going too fast…

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  1. Oh, that looks and sounds like sooo much fun. Enjoy your time together. Miss all of you.

  2. Your daughter ate fruit and 10 donut holes. I bet she lost 2 pounds just sitting there eating. What I wouldn't give to have that metabolism again. Yes, the time flies but it sounds like you're making the most of it -- or at least trying. Good for you!

  3. Thanks Meirav! Very funny John, but true! This morning she is going for a 6 mile run...

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun! You should share your recipe for the tequila St. Germaine cocktails. ;-)

  5.'s always sweet and wonderful to have our loved ones around, no doubt! Sounds like you have a wonderful plan to spend those quality time with your daughter. Enjoy and have fun. (Spraying the perfume like air freshener sounds like something I would do too, LOL). I know I'll miss my daughter like crazy if she's away from home too.

  6. It is a lot of fun Mr. K.R. And next time we don't inhale those cocktails, I'll get a photo. Haven't quite mastered being able to photograph and drink at the same time! Thanks, Amy. It is very hard when they leave and it goes way too fast!

  7. I can understand how you enjoy every moment with your daughter, have fun.

  8. Thanks Anu. We had a lot of fun and it went way to fast!