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Cantonese Steamed Chicken with Black Mushrooms, Green Onion and Sausage (Good for at least 30 years)

"Cantonese Steamed Chicken with Chinese Sausage, scallions and shitakes is an easy one dish meal. I've been making this for over thirty years and can assure you it's not only healthy, it is delicious!"

It seems kind of funny that I’ve had a Chinese steamer travelling with me over the last 33 years. I can even remember where I bought it. My steamer was found on a sidewalk sales table at a kitchen store in the Foothills Mall in Fort Collins, Colorado. It must have been cheap and I must have thought that this was a great find or I never would have bought it. I don’t even think I knew what pot stickers were and dim sum – well, I’d never heard of such a thing way back then. The only thing I can figure is that I had this cookbook that has long since fallen apart that contained a variety of recipes and one of them required a Chinese steamer.

And so it goes without saying that I’ve been making this recipe a long time. It is amazing that this simple little recipe packs so much flavor. Not only that, but it is easy and quick, though it does require a Chinese steamer. Now that I have a steamer I’ve used it to steam dim sum and it is great for reheating potstickers and then using it as a serving dish. You can put it in the microwave but there is one tiny metal piece that can get very hot-so watch it!

Today is Monday and I’m not very good at planning ahead since I never seem to know what to plan ahead for. But I always have chicken in my freezer and generally, I keep a stash of dried mushrooms around except that I just ran out. Green onion? Check. Those are a staple for me. And Chinese sausage, well, I never have that. So I use turkey pepperoni. OK! I know it sounds weird but it works. And if you don’t want to use it leave it out. I keep pepperoni around to hide my dogs little pills in and it wasn’t until this last time that I decided to try subbing the pepperoni for the Chinese sausage. For years I made it without. I think it gives the chicken a bit of extra spice that is good. Very good.

No need to feel daring. This is a good dish. It’s a keeper. After all I’ve been making it for about 33 years.

Cantonese Steamed Chicken with Black Mushrooms, Green Onions and Sausage (attributed to an Eddie Mui in Doraville, Georgia)

1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast
5 dried Shitake mushrooms soaked and thinly sliced
1 Chinese dried sausage or about 12 slices turkey pepperoni
4 scallions, sliced on the diagonal in 2 inch pieces
1 2 ½ inch thick piece of ginger, peeled and thinly sliced
1  ½ T cornstarch
½ T sugar
½ T soy sauce
1 T oyster sauce
½ t sesame oil
Good Pinch of white pepper
1 T dry sherry
1 T peanut oil

Remove any fat and gristle from chicken. Slice on diagonal into I inch pieces. (A trick I know is to freeze the chicken for about 15 minutes and then slice it. Your job will be easier.) Set aside.

Combine mushrooms, sausage, scallions, and ginger.

Combine cornstarch and ½ T cold water, stirring well to dissolve cornstarch. Stir in remaining ingredients except peanut oil. Toss chicken with liquid ingredients and then add peanut oil. Toss well. Toss in the veggie and sausage mixture and 3 T cold water.

Spread mixture on a china plate (I use a regular dinner plate) that fits in your wok. Put water in wok and set steamer inside. Bring to a boil. Place plate on rack and cover. Steam for 12 minutes or until just done.

Serve with white rice. This recipe will be good for at least another 30 years!

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  1. Sounds delish! I don't steam enough, and it's such a healthy way to cook. I love those Chinese steaming baskets, and as you say, they make great serving dishes, too. Really nice recipe - I'll have to look for some of that turkey pepperoni!

  2. It is delish! And I know pepperoni does sound weird, but it works! Thanks! Oh, yes very, very healthy. If you don't eat fried eggrolls to start... Just kidding!

  3. I love your steamer. I'm Chinese and still don't own a steamer like that. haha... Love this very healthy and simple recipe ;-)

  4. Oh Jayne. It is worth it just for this dish! Thanks for writing!

  5. I misinterpreted this post's title, thinking the chicken dish would last 30 years. Never mind that ...This does sound delicious! It's the pepperoni that has me wanting to try it. That would really add a ton of flavor to the finished dish.

  6. Love your Chinese bamboo steamer story. I got mine a few years ago when i started making steamed buns have since used it frequently to steam all sort of stuff.
    The steamed chicken sounds fabulous!The pepperoni idea is definitely exciting I'd love to try it next time! Excellent recipe!

  7. Wow! Abbe, I loved your steamer! Your dish screams authenticity and is healthy too. Chinese food is one of my favourites!

  8. I need this in my life too! They are so much healthier than the fried one.

  9. Thanks Purabi! I do believe it is authentic. Give it a try!

  10. The pepperoni gives it that something extra Chicago John! Thanks for writing.

  11. Thanks Yi. I will definitely have to try it for steamed buns. Can't wait for those!

  12. It makes me happy that your blog is becoming more and more professional. The recipes, the photos, and the nice comments you get.
    For a long time I wanted to buy a steamer just like yours, but did not buy one yet. Maybe this post will encourage me to buy soon.

  13. Meirav, you are very kind. I keep plugging away! I think you would enjoy steamer!

  14. My chinese-style bamboo streamer has mysteriously disappeared. I need a new one! So I can make pretty healthy dishes - like the one you have here. It sounds so good.

  15. Thank you so much Joyti! It sounds like it is time to go shopping!

  16. Such a great dish! I like that you steamed the chicken, very healthy.

  17. I'm always on the quest to find good healthy recipes and I think I just found one of them. I wonder if I can make it a spicier version of this dish?

  18. Priscilla, this is very healthy dish and you will be amazed at how much flavor it has. But feel free to add a bit of chili oil if you like!