Monday, January 14, 2013

Boboli Pizza or Dinner in Denver

Boboli Pizza
Baby, it’s cold in Denver. And after Saturday’s Bronco loss I think it got even colder. Frigid perhaps. I don’t get excited about football but the rest of my family does. And I am sorry for them and the rest of the Denver fans. But now my husband will have time to clean the basement, and more to the point-his office. Now that I can get excited for.

Saturday before the big game he graciously offered to go out into the arctic blast and head for the grocery. I suggested making a pizza and he wholeheartedly agreed. So off to get a  Boboli he did. Now I am not a big fan of processed food but this is one that I rely on for convenience. It also has a great taste and though every ingredient is not stellar it sure comes through in a pinch. Such as Sunday evenings when the kids were young, or older for that matter. It is a good crust which makes it a good base for many types of pizza. And we still make it quite regularly.

I have made seafood pizzas by using red sauce and shrimp and scallops as toppings. I have grilled it with a bbq chicken topping but most of all we have just made regular pizza. When my daughter was young and only wanted cheese pizza I was able to buy one of their individual sizes and make a “baby” pizza to her liking.

One thing I do not like is the boboli sauce. It is sweet and I don’t like a sweet tomato sauce. It also has corn syrup in its list of ingredients and that is one ingredient I try to avoid. I like pizza sauce flavored with oregano and garlic and lots of hot chili flakes. I usually add fresh basil to the toppings so don’t include it in the sauce. Feel free to adjust your seasoning and toppings as you like.

My preference is for the thin crust boboli though it does come in three thicknesses and I think also whole wheat though I haven’t seen that in the stores near me. I bake it directly on the top rack of my oven at 450 degrees. When I baked it on the middle rack it seemed to burn quickly on the bottom of the crust and I just hate it when the smoke alarm goes off. It takes a little longer this way but I’d rather wait a bit than have a burnt crust.

Give it a try. When the kids were younger I did use to buy the individual sizes and set up a pizza topping bar. It was fun and everyone could make their own. This is a good idea for parties but most young kids I know eat only cheese and a few may add pepperoni. Which, of course, creates a lot of extra work on your part if the party is for kids! But maybe a good super bowl idea-that is if your favorite team made it to the super bowl!

Going In.

Boboli Pizza (serves 2-3)

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Pizza Sauce
1 15 oz can of tomato sauce
1 T olive oil
1T oregano
1 t chili flakes
½ t sugar
1 ½  t garlic powder
1 T fresh Italian parsley (this really gives a hint of freshness to the sauce)
Salt and fresh ground pepper

Open tomato sauce and pour into a big measuring cup. Add seasonings and feel free to adjust to your taste. This makes enough for two pizzas.

½ c fresh grated parmesan
6 oz fresh sliced mozzarella
1c grated mozzarella
 A few dollops of goat’s cheese if you have it
½ of red pepper slices
Turkey Pepperoni
6 oz Italian Sausage (I use turkey) Place in bowl and cook in microwave about 1 and a half minutes. Drain grease. This should be cooked well to go on top of pizza.
¼ of a sweet onion sliced thin
Fresh basil if you have it

Top crust with ½ of sauce. Sprinkle with parmesan. Top with sausage. Add shredded mozzarella. Top with peppers and onions. Add pepperoni. (Feel like an artist and fling your hands) Top with fresh mozzarella slices. And goat’s cheese. Tuck in basil. Fling a few pepperocini on to give your pizza zip.

Place pizza into preheated oven directly on to oven rack. Bake about 15-20 minutes until as golden as you like. Take out and let rest for about 5 minutes. Slice and serve while rooting for your favorite team.

He couldn't wait!


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  1. You remember Yonatan was a Bronco fan? And his favorite food was pizza...

    I made pizza for the first time last Friday. I made the crust too! Next time I'll try your sauce. I don't think my family likes meat as topping for pizza.

  2. That leftover looks like breakfast to me! ;-) I've never used the baboli crusts - I really should sometime. Actually I should make pizza sometime again - we live less than a mile from a great pizza place, and always get take out from them. But homemade has its owns charms, and is so much fun. Have fun with your basement and office cleaning! ;-)

  3. Meat or no meat it doesn't matter. And I wish we had a good pizza place near us. Actually we have one that's not bad but it isn't good old fashioned pizza. Know what I mean? Thanks for the encouragement!