Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites and Other Vices

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites

I have two candy vices. Well, probably I have a lot more. But if you put me in the checkout line at the grocery on a day with no willpower I might just snag a Hershey bar with almonds or a Reese’s peanut butter cup. They always seem to make the moment go better. And they always remind me of other moments through out my life where candy seems to have that magical effect.

I remember the day my brother called me to my mother’s room and showed me where he found her secret candy stash. He must have seen her putting it there-I don’t know how else he would have known that a giant Hershey’s Bar was hiding in her lingerie drawer. I don’t know if I was more surprised to see it or more surprised at the size of it. I mean no one every brought me one that big. I think she then quickly discovered it missing and she found a new hiding place in the back of the freezer. Ah, well… we all have our vices.

I also remember Sunday mornings after Sunday school when my Papa would come to our home with a bag of Hershey’s miniatures. He said that way everyone would have something they liked. And of course he was right. I think that’s where I discovered good old Mr. Goodbar. And that special dark chocolate.

But now I don’t really eat much candy and so it is only around the holiday season that I make these really good chocolate peanut butter bites. They aren’t quite Reese’s, but they do seem to be digested quite fast by whoever is in my home. Plus they require no baking and I can pronounce all the ingredients they contain. Check them out. Your Reese’s lovers will be quite pleased.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites (from Silver Palate)
¾ c brown sugar
1 pound confectioners sugar
8 T or 1 stick butter
2 c peanut butter (I use crunchy)
1 c unsalted peanuts (I only use these if I am using creamy peanut butter)
12 oz semisweet chocolate
1T butter

Mix first 5 ingredients together. I use my hands to smush it good. Pat it into an ungreased jelly roll pan about 15x10 inches and 1 inch deep. Flatten top with a rolling pin.

Melt chocolate chips and butter in microwave. I use power 7 for 1 minute and then stir with wooden spoon. Then I do this in thirty second intervals until it is smooth and shiny. Spread chocolate on peanut butter mixture.

Chill and then cut into square or diamonds. You can serve these chilled or at room temperature. They make a lot to serve the peanut butter lover in your life!

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  1. I, too, only prefer things made with ingredients I can pronounce. And when it comes to peanut butter, it's chunky all the way for me. ;-) Good stuff here. My wife has been playing with chocolate and peanut butter and other stuff in the microwave a lot lately (basically making fudge). The microwave has to be the best tool ever for melting chocolate. Anyway, great looking recipe - thanks.

  2. Yes, the microwave is a great tool for melting chocolate and you will like this recipe. Plus it is much easier than fudge! But oh-I love fudge!

  3. I love peanut butter & I love chocolate, but I have to watch my sugar level :-(