Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Firehouse #10 Hot Chili and Being Thankful

Firehouse #10 Chili

 The election is over. It is time to concentrate on being thankful. I am thankful there are no more phone calls, political ads, signs and other rhetoric. I am thankful I live in a country where I am allowed to vote. I just wish I felt a bit more hopeful about where this country is going and what people really want. I am a bit confused but that is nothing new. Okay. No political rant here; though that would be easy for me to do. Today I am reminding myself that I am supposed to be thankful.

I am thankful for the bowl of chili I had last night. Really. From one Abbe to another Abbie – let me say thank you. It was  lovingly handmade by Abbie – seriously. Her name was on the label. She made it as part of  The Women's Bean Project project; a great organization that helps women who have experienced chronic unemployment, poverty or difficult life situations. They make jewelry too, but I was the recipient of this Firehouse #10 Hot Chili Mix. Simply packaged and easily made I was happy to find it in my pantry. Actually, it wasn’t hard to find as my pantry is quickly being cleaned out which is a good thing to do before I load up for Thanksgiving.

I am thankful I can buy food to fill my pantry.  Check this out. What you will see is a photo essay about global food disparity. It is quite interesting to see what one buys around the globe. And they are all smiling. Really, I have had many challenges in my life and though I don’t always know how or when they will be solved I am grateful for what I have today. In South Africa, people would literally stand in traffic and beg. At all times of the day. Night time, daytime, it didn’t matter. In cold and rainy weather, in the dark of night, I’d see women in their bare feet begging while their young children sat in the median between the lanes of traffic.

I remind myself that I have a lot to be thankful for. The candidate that I wanted to see change America did not win. But I remind myself that America is still a great place. So be thankful today. Go buy some soup  at your local grocery or order some. It would make great gifts. Support the Women’s Bean project. It is a worthy cause. It provides jobs for women. It teaches them skills that we all could use. It gives them hope and pride. And it allows them to feed their children.

Firehouse #10 Hot Chili

#1  Go buy the dried bean mix from your local grocery.
#2  Follow instructions on package.
#3  I used 1 lb of Italian sausage because that is what I had. I added a couple of chipotle peppers chopped and 2T more of chili powder and 1T cumin.
#4 I used a bottle of beer instead of water and 1 can of Mexican  hot tomato sauce.

The The Women's Bean Project makes many other gift items. Try one of them today. Remember to be thankful.  

Firehouse Chili

 And P.S. It's time to make all the forecasters find a new job. Maybe       they'll get lucky.

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  1. Loads to be thankful for, and I am. The chili mix looks interesting. I usually don't do bean mixes (I have so many dried beans in my pantry it'd be coals to Newcastle) but this does look worthy of investigation. I like the top photo - good, simple composition with nice colors.

    1. The chili mix is good and i agree about beans. Me too! However it is the bean project that is key. And they do sell coffee and jewelry, too. And no, I don't even volunteer for them.

  2. I love your cooking and the way you write about it. You changed the print again, and it makes it very difficult for me to read.