Friday, January 13, 2012

Tim Tebow's Onion Dip

Tim Tebow's Onion Dip
Tim Tebow’s Onion Dip

The time has come. It’s now or never. You’ve shown us over and over how to succeed. I’ll admit it. I’m not really into the falling on one knee thing, but hey if it’s working, no need to stop on my behalf. Jews are happy to pray standing up. We take care of our knees. But it is up to you. By all means you just concentrate on the game. I’m sure there are a lot of good Jewish orthopaedics out there that can help you as they age.

Anyway, last weekend my daughter watched your game with her father. He was very happy and I think she was, too. It was good to see them together happy. Now tomorrow night is my daughter’s last night home before she heads back to school and then to her first real job. They, again, are going to watch the game and that makes me happy.

 And Tim, well you have a big part in that. I have to tell you, I’m really not into football. But thank God (Oh my God, did I say that?) you excel and get the job done. Well, last weekend she was at Walgreen’s with her Dad before the game  and she found this t-shirt. She said it was a classic. I’m not exactly  sure what she meant but now it has real meaning. So, Tim she’s going to wear it again this weekend. I hope it has the same charm as last week.  But Tim, I have to ask you- how could you ever have agreed to let someone license this t-shirt?

Tim, this is not pretty.
I have never seen one uglier. I mean Tim, it’s really kind of b-tt ugly. I just want to know how you got so tan.

I'm also wondering how I can get it autographed for her. And does she have to be sick or dying to get you to come see her. No offense to the sick or dying please! But don’t worry. You just concentrate on the game. And fall to your knees all you want. Whatever you are doing, it seems to be working. Like I said; don’t stop on my behalf.

And this leads me to this onion dip. It is time to share. See you bring out the best in me, Tim. I’m dedicating this to you. Now it will only be yours, well, as long as you keep up the magic. But don’t take that as a threat. You will like it. I promise. It is a simple thing. One that is best eaten with Ruffles with ridges or any potato chip for that matter. (I guess because there are no bad potato chips.) And it saves you putting all those processed onion dips into your most awesome tummy with those to die for abs. Now why don’t you put those on a t-shirt?

So Tim… Just make your namesake dip before the big game. It has magical powers from up above. And if you like it - well, perchance an autographed t shirt for my most awesome daughter would suffice in exchange for the recipe for this most powerful, delicious, winning onion dip. After all, it’s not like I’m asking for tickets to the Super Bowl.

Throw it in the food processor.

Tim Tebow’s Onion Dip

8oz cream cheese – light or not
1/3c sour cream – light or not
4 green onions
¼ of a large onion
¼ of a large onion diced
1 good dash Worcestershire sauce
1 good squeeze anchovy paste
1-2T mayo if you want this creamier

Throw first 4 ingredients into food processor. Process like you are killing New England. Stir in diced onion, Worcestershire, anchovy paste and mayo (if you want).

Note: The anchovy paste gives it a little salty flavor and the worcestershire gives it zing. They are not necessary but you can sure tell the difference if you don’t use them. And keep in mind you could serve with veggies but, well, it’s just not the same as Ruffles with ridges.

Anchovy paste looks like poo. Sorry.

Make your own individual serving then you don't have to share. But I guess that's not in the spirit of things now is it?

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  1. I love it! And a good recipe. I do something similar with less onion and add salmon. (Hate to confess, but when it comes to onion dip I'm loyal to the Lipton soup variety! Shameful, I know.) Fun post - and I'm sorry the Broncos lost yesterday.

  2. Thanks so much! I have to say that Lipton's Onion soup still gets used at my house, too. But truly, if I have a choice this is the way to go. A step up from the ones in the dairy case which I don't turn my nose up at either!And lose the Broncos did!