Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall's Bounty

I love Fall. Maybe it is the air when the evenings get chilly, or the leaves change color or the pumpkins shine in all their glory. Maybe it is because I can hear the football games from Littleton Stadium and it sounds like everyone is having a great time. Or because I love the sound of the drums. Or because Thanksgiving is coming and I love smoked turkey. Fall also brings the smell of green chilies roasting and I love green chilies. Well, whatever it is I love the feeling I get as it becomes fall.

This past weekend brought me several gifts from some of my favorite people. They know me well as you can see. I’m passing on their gifts to remind us that it really is the simple things that can bring a lot of joy. It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so it is that I thank my friends for all that is beautiful.

Look at nature’s bounty. Yes, a friend brought me this, arranged like you see. She said it was from her walk that day. All I can say is that it must have been an awesome walk.

Another friend brought me these mums and bittersweet. I love bittersweet. And my mother loves bittersweet. She used to arrange them in brass Chinese vases. Bittersweet reminds me of fall and her; and now my friend-who remembered.

And I picked these leaves from my son’s snowball bush. He said he wanted a snowball bush so we planted them one year. They are pretty in the spring but I think they are prettier now. Aren’t the leaves stunning?

And my husband took me for a ride down Federal Blvd. The chilies were roasting and it smelled like gas fumes and chilies. The perfect smell. Now I have 6 lbs of chilies to peel and freeze. Soon I can have friends over for green chili. And tortillas. Yum. Anyone for green chili?

And last but not least I received this in the mail. It must be a gift from my brother but alas, there was no card. Yes, I was in heaven though my husband assured me that this was definitely an acquired taste. His childhood did not include Monical’s Pizza. He didn’t have to pick the hard parts out of the iceberg lettuce family meal bowl and give them to his brother. He didn’t have salad with bright orange dressing. And he didn’t have the best thin crust pizza in Kankakee, Illinois. Well all I can say is, “More for me.” Now, if my brother can figure out how to send me a Jaenicke’s sauce bun with onions from the root beer stand it would be much appreciated. On the other hand-make that two.

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